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Your Credit


(Equal to 0 Indian Rupees)

Today's value of each Credits is 10 Indian Rupees

How to earn Credits?

Earn points through your activity in our website like Commenting, asking question etc. (Credits will be rewarded to you automatically as like answering a question correctly or by admin).The top member in Reputation will get 80 credits, 2nd member will get 50 credits and 3rd member will get 40 credits (The credits will be rewarded weekly). Also if we sometimes don't calculate the reputation, we will rewards users who have been very active in the Hub.

How to redeem Credits?

Redeem those credits at our store by selecting offers to join special groups, having verified badge, add your post to trending's list etc.

(For further steps, send the screenshot of the redemption of the offer redeemed to our email address: