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Guys from past week we had bots attacking our hub which started posting irrelevant content so I just installed ReCaptcha and now there are no more attacks!
Hey buddies its a great milestone we have reached 50 members yesterday! Thanks to all members for the support and we hope you to continue the same! P.S. A new gift is now available for all registered users, go check... (More)
Hey folks I have decided to monetize our Hub using Admob or Adcolony or any other service as I didn't get Adsense approval is this a good idea Marinette, HawaiiPixels, Jeff and others?
Guys here is our new support team:
Moderators: ImOof, Marinette and HawaiiPixels
Co-Admins: Jeff, TheJizzy and CJ
๊งเผบBวŸีผษ–ษจศถsIีผTึ…ีกีผเผป๊ง‚ stepped down as he was inactive.
If any mistake, DM me...