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Hey folks here it's now a major update v3.5➡️v4.0 and here are the the changes and integrations: #1: Ads (experimental) are introduced. #2: BG and button color changes in parts of the community and few bug fixes. #3: OLH i... (More)
Here is a new minor update!
#1: Added Cloudflare security
#2: Domain changed to
#3: Reputation leaderboard is back!

Thanks for the support everyone!
MINOR UPDATE v2.1➡️v2.2 So guys here is a new update from Official Team: #1: Hereafter, regular users can create topics but irrelevant topics will be actively removed. #2: Credits are rewarded to the ones who are very active. They wil... (More)
UPDATE v2.1 Hello everyone! Drop a comment here stating to create a group of your choice, if it is liked by many I will be created within a week and the one who gave the idea will be the moderator... (More)